jq, awk, vim, xargs! :)

It’s undoubtedly best to open documentation for learning anything. But, it doesn’t hurt to write down some code to speed things for the next time! :) This is a public and easy (and running!) cheatsheet/notes for some of the (formatting) commands that I find super-useful. Some of them might feel like taking three right turns for a left, but the... Read more

Overlay File Systems used by containers

This post is a small diagram discussing overlay file systems used by containers like docker for saving disk space. The “layers” we see as docker runs through every command of Dockerfile is result of docker building another lower directory (possibly reusable) to the cascaded overlay file system used for a container. Since container systems like d... Read more

Apache Kafka and it's Request Purgatory

Apache Kafka is a distributed streaming platform, enabling high throughput, low-latency, real-time event processing & data feeds. It has a distributed architecture, whereby data in each topic partition is replicated to a set of brokers. Kafka Architecture in Apache Kafka [Image Credits to Pere Urbón from Confluent] If the replication fa... Read more

Data Structures for Timer Facility (Diagrams)

This post is just a set of diagrams that describe the different types of data structures for maintaining a list of timers. Read more